Retrieves permissions a user has in the specified location.


All responses are in JSON format by default, to specify an XML response add ".xml" to the end of the method name (in this case "user_permissions_location")



  • Admins have full permissions to all locations and will return null values for each permission.


Bold indicates required.

path The location to check permissions for.
api_key Your API Key.
timestamp The current time in Unix timestamp format.
signature Please see "User Authentication" for more information.

Sample Response

Unlike a file listing or a search in a specific location, a search across the entire site returns a set of permissions for each file/folder. Please use these to determine whether a user can perform an action on a result.

Successful response In JSON:


Successful response in XML:


Error response In JSON:

{"error":{"title":"User Does Not Exist","message":"Please contact your site administrator."}}

Error response In XML:

	<title>User Does Not Exist</title>
 	<message>Please contact your site administrator.</message>

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