Allows API Key holder to obtain an authentication code for another user for the purpose of performing actions on behalf of that user. Authentication codes do expire periodically and must be renewed via this method.


All responses are in JSON format by default, to specify an XML response add ".xml" to the end of the method name (in this case "user_auth").



The calling user must have:

  • A valid API Key and Secret.


Bold indicates required. Please note this method does not require an API Key, timestamp or signature.

username_auth Username of the user you are obtaining an authentication code for.
password_auth SHA-1-encoded password of the user you are obtaining an authentication code for.
api_key Your API Key.
timestamp The current time in Unix timestamp format.
signature Please see "User Authentication" for more information.

Sample Response

Successful response In JSON:

{"authCode": "123456abcdeeee"}

Successful response in XML:


Error response In JSON:

{"error":{"title":"Invalid Username or Password","message":"This user cannot be found on this site."}}

Error response In XML:

	<title>Invalid Username or Password</title>
 	<message>This user cannot be found on this site.</message>

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