Businesses often find themselves needing to send files online to customers, clients, vendors or even other employees, but emailing is limited by size and not secure. Mailing and shipping are slow and expensive. FileGenius allows you to quickly and easily upload and send files to anyone with an email address.

Simply upload your files to your FileGenius site, select your recipients, and click Send. Your users will receive an email notification containing a link, allowing them to download your files right from their web browser. There's nothing to install, no FTP clients to configure, and no apps to download.

Sending sensitive documents online? You can also require users to log in before downloading, ensuring regulatory compliance and guaranteeing your files are only seen by those you intend.

See why over 100,000 users have found FileGenius to be the best file sharing and transfer solution on the market.

Pricing starts at $59/month for FileGenius Office, $139/month for FileGenius Business and $799/month for FileGenius Corporate. See which version is right for you.

FileGenius offer:

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  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Unlimited* users, workspaces,
    and bandwidth means great value
  • Unmatched, leading-edge security
  • 100% private branding*
  • And much more...


*FileGenius Business and Corporate only.

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