If your business is still transferring or sharing files with traditional FTP servers and clients, you're throwing money away. In-house FTP servers require:

  • Dedicated hardware and software, in constant need of updating, management and maintenance.
  • Usage of precious bandwidth and the potential for over-consumption.
  • Complicated security measures and configurations.
  • Costly additional IT staff to maintain internally hosted FTP sites.

Even if you have your FTP site hosted elsewhere, you still require costly support for your users (and their frustration having to install and configure FTP clients) as well as the setup, maintenance, and security configurations needed to maintain those servers.

Move your FTP site to the cloud and let us do the costly "heavy lifting". We'll host, manage, and provide technical support while you make better use of your precious resources.

Pricing starts at $59/month for FileGenius Office, $139/month for FileGenius Business and $799/month for FileGenius Corporate. See which version is right for you.

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