Private BrandingYour organization’s logo and name are symbols of your hard-earned success and professionalism. And with our true Private Branding feature, we want to help you maintain the integrity of your valued brand. Other services only offer "custom branding" and insist on displaying their logo and name on your site and email notifications. With our Private Branding option, FileGenius can look like it’s 100% yours.

Our Private Branding option makes the following changes:

  • Changes your site address (URL) from "[yoursite]" to "[yoursite]".
  • Removes the FileGenius logo from the header of your site.
  • Removes the "©[year] FileGenius. All rights reserved." from the footer of your site.
  • Removes any mention of FileGenius from all email notifications sent from your site.

While FileGenius Office only offers co-branding, Private Branding is included with Corporate subscriptions and offered for Business subscriptions for a nominal license fee:

Monthly* License: $59
Annual* License:  $595
One-time Lifetime License:  $995

Example of a site with and without Private Branding:

Example of Private Branding

*Monthly/annual licenses must match site subscription length.

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