Don't Put Your Business at Risk by Using Traditional FTP

When is "free" file transfer quite costly? When it's FTP. Many companies use an in-house FTP server because they think it's essentially free. But is it? Besides the often overlooked cost of hardware, software, management, and user support there's the costly security risks that are always inherent with traditional FTP.

Besides being a significant security risk (it's estimated that FTP is responsible for 80% or more of all system intrusions), FTP lacks the features and access control your organization needs. And for most users it isn't easy to use, consuming extensive support time that could best be used elsewhere.

Don't put your business at risk. It's time to seriously consider the risks and real costs of "free" file transfer. Consider using FileGenius, the secure, easy-to-use, cost effective FTP alternative.

Pricing starts at $59/month for FileGenius Office, $139/month for FileGenius Business and $799/month for FileGenius Corporate. See which version is right for you.

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