When it comes to ultra-secure, private-label file sharing, you won't find a more powerful feature list than FileGenius:

File Sharing and TransferFile Sharing and Transfer

  • Upload and send files up to any size.*
  • Browser-based and 100% server-side — no Flash, Java applets or third party plug-ins needed.
  • Powerful and flexible user access options for any number of private workspaces and folders.
  • Upload, send, download, copy and move multiple files with powerful batch tools.
  • Recipients are notified when new files are available.
  • Email notifications can include custom subject lines and messages.
  • Receive email confirmation when files are received.
  • Secure login protects your files.
  • Send files to non-users using only their email addresses.
  • Receive files from non-users through the FileDrop feature.

Leading Edge SecurityLeading-Edge Security

  • Continuous auditing and immediate reporting to our technical staff ensure all systems and resources remain secure according to industry-standard benchmarks such as PCI and CIS.
  • SSAE 16-certified systems that deploy the NSA's Defense in Depth security strategy
  • HIPAA, FIPS-140, and NIST compliance and standards adherence.
  • Tripwire Configuration Assessment detects all changes, from random and unauthorized to scheduled and permissible, and sends alerts to our technical staff accordingly.
  • AES 256-bit data encryption protects your files from desktop to desktop.
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection against paralyzing Internet attacks which swamp servers, network links and devices with bogus traffic.
  • Managed firewall services provide custom security strategies that go beyond standard policies.
  • Managed VPN services provide secure communication channels for remote systems management.
  • Intrusion detection and protection via automated IDS analysis, buffer overflow protection, inbound/outbound port blocking, and other effective protection agents.
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) prevents SQL injection, cross-site scripting, parameter tampering, session manipulation, cookie poisoning, stealth commanding, backdoor and debug option, brute force attacks, data encoding, unauthorized navigation, gateway circumvention, and web server reconnaissance.

Leading Edge SecurityMobile Solutions

  • Stay up-to-date on the go.
  • Download and view files, and send secure file links from smart phones and tablets.
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices.
  • iPad app available.

Easy ManagementEasy Management

  • Add, activate, deactivate or delete one or many users at any time. You and your clients, customers and associates never pay for user accounts*
  • Create user groups for easy management.*
  • Create sub-admins to create and manage users for specific workspaces.
  • Download, move, copy and delete individual or multiple files and folders at once.
  • Schedule files to automatically delete after a set amount of time.
  • Add searchable comments and IDs to files and folders and even automatically email those comments to other users.
  • Scheduled delete of select files and folders.*
  • Sort files and folders by name, date, size, file ID and username.
  • Find any file or folders quickly using the search function.
  • Active Directory ingetration.***
  • Archiving service for all files.***

Intuitive InterfaceIntuitive, East-To-Use Interface

  • Familiar file and folder interface.
  • Drop-down menus for easy access to common file functions like move, copy and rename.
  • User-friendly alerts and warnings. No more cryptic error codes.
  • Easy-to-use batch features for handling multiple files and folders quickly.
  • Easy and powerful file and folder sorting and searching – find what you're looking for fast.

Private BrandingPrivate Branding

  • Custom subdomain of your choosing: [yourname].filetransfers.net or [yourname].filegenius.com
  • Only your logo appears on the site.***
  • Notification emails containing only your name, not ours.***

Unlimited UsersUnlimited Users, Workspaces, Transactions and Bandwidth

  • Unlimited user accounts*
  • Unlimited admin accounts*
  • Unlimited sub-admin accounts*
  • Unlimited storage**
  • Unlimited workspaces*
  • Unlimited file size upload**
  • Unlimited bandwidth (data transfer)
  • Unlimited user groups*
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Flexible storage options starting at 15GB

Leading Edge SecurityAPI

  • Control access to your FileGenius site from other websites and software interfaces.
  • Automate and schedule the transfer and management of files.
  • Use our extensive advanced search feature with your company's internal search needs.
  • And many, many other functions.

No InstallationNo Installation

  • Fully-hosted service – no need for local software, configurations, or ongoing updates.
  • No plug-ins, scripts or Flash to install or keep updated. We do it all on our servers.
  • Use any current, major Javascript-enabled browser (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on Windows or Mac for a seamless experience.
  • Unlimited phone and email support included.
  • Getting started is as easy as using the sign-up form, uploading your logo, creating a workspace, and setting up a user account. 10 minutes tops!

*FileGenius Business and Corporate.
**FileGenius Corporate.
***Business optional, Corporate Included
✝FileGenius Office offers unlimited email support.

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