A CPA firm in Columbus, Ohio specializes in tax and estate management for more than 2,000 clients. They needed a way to let these clients pick up files and then submit files back to the firm. They had been doing this using fax and overnight delivery until they found the FileGenius portal solution.

"Adding 2,000 clients in 10 minutes was simple."

Setting up a private file space for each of these 2,000 clients and over 5,000 users was their first challenge. They discovered other well-known solutions cannot support this number of users. Not only could FileGenius support this large number of users, it provided a way to automatically import the users and at the same time create associated private workspaces for each client. The entire process took less than 10 minutes!

Without these FileGenius capabilities, set up for that number of clients in time for the upcoming tax season would have been prohibitive both in time and money.

FileGenius security was also a major selling point for the firm, as it is compliant with all necessary state and federal regulations governing client privacy. An added bonus, they said, was the overwhelming ease-of-use, allowing clients who were not computer savvy to use the portal as well.

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