A small advertising agency in Atlanta needed a better way to exchange files with their outside vendors, such as photographers, video production companies, printers, and freelancers. Because of the file sizes (large catalog or video files could reach a gigabyte or more), email wasn't an option. Shipping discs overnight was costly and slowed workflow. And using traditional FTP was driving the agency crazy trying to teach and support outside users how to install, configure, and use an FTP client. They needed something better.

"The ultimate private-branded team collaboration tool."

After a trial period, the agency was sold on FileGenius and its many benefits. They were able to quickly and effortlessly set up all their vendors and clients with their own workspaces, as well as create project workspaces so multiple vendors could exchange files for certain projects (such as when a photographer had to send images to a video production house). They're also able to use Upload Notifications so everyone involved in the project knows immediately when a new file has been uploaded – something their FTP site could never do. And with FileGenius' private-branding and professional-looking interface, they can direct clients to their site without fear of diluting their identity.

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