A New York consulting firm with multiple offices in the U.S. was struggling with their FTP servers. The access limitations, user permissions, IT management workload, and security weaknesses simply weren't meeting their standards and growing need for more file management features. They needed a better solution — one that not only was cost-effective, but an easy migration.

"Never thought we could port
200GB of files so easily."

FileGenius was the perfect solution and their No. 1 choice. In fact, it exceeded their expectations in numerous ways. With just a web browser, users within and outside their firm could now share files without complicated FTP processes or any learning curve. They loved the simplicity, intuitiveness, and vast reduction in necessary IT resources, as well the fact that it required no installations, ongoing updates, or special requirements. They saw immediate improvements in time management, efficiency, and cost reduction.

FileGenius easily overcame one of their biggest concerns: porting more than 200GB of data from their old system to the new solution. The FileGenius technical team devised a special mechanism to handle the transfer with ease.

In the end, the company's decision to replace FTP with FileGenius directly led to significant cost savings, productivity increases, and user acceptance. The IT manager came out looking like a hero and employees demonstrated performance boosts that positively affected the entire enterprise.

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