A mid-sized printer in Minnesota needed a file sharing solution with more features, was easier to use and offered more security than traditional FTP. FileGenius fit their needs perfectly.

"It freed us from constant IT support and extra ongoing costs."

Printing companies depend on enabling their customers and freelancers to send them large print-ready files. FTP had become difficult to support for many reasons, from the requirement of a software application on every user's computer to the necessity of providing IT-like support to both their customers and vendors. FileGenius made it possible to eliminate their in-house FTP server and all the hassles and costs associated with it. They were also able to cancel a second Internet service they had been forced to use to accommodate additional bandwidth.

They also like the FileDrop feature that allows their customers and vendors to upload multiple files and direct them to anyone in the company without logging into the site.

While security is not often a concern for printers, they had multiple jobs with corporate customers who insisted on privacy and security due to the sensitive copy in their printing. FileGenius offers significantly more security than traditional FTP and other similar solutions. The added security allowed the printer to secure and keep these types of jobs, as well as grow their business in numerous other ways.

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